If you have been landed on this page reading this article about top indestructible dog crate of 2018, then its mean that you are in need of a crate because your dog has recently destroyed the regular crate or you just learn that you need to have an indestructible crate for your dog because of your dog’s activities.

A regular crate is not really escaped proof crate because it has not been made for this purpose but for the potty training and providing a place to rest. They can be easily destroyed by the dog due to the low quality of material which has been used their manufacturing process. Some people purchase multiple crates when one breaks and waste a lot of money.

The indestructible crates are made with the heavy metals like steel and can be stayed forever because the dog cannot break its wall by chewing them or break them with their body weight. That’s why it is a wise decision to spend extra on heavy-duty crates once and forget to purchase a new one in the future.

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4. Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate
5. Zinger Winger DX5000 Aluminum Dog Crate
6. Diamond Deluxe Aluminum Dog Crate
7. Merax Heavy Duty Pet Dog Cage House Crate

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Why Do You Need This Type Crate?

To understand that why need an indestructible crate for your dog, you need to know that why dog-holes are not safe for your dog and them can easily escape from them with the help of their teeth, brain and body power (yes, even the small puppies can damage the dog-holes and get out from there in no time).

While there are so many reasons for that, but I will share those which I have faced when I have purchased my first dog-hole for my first dog and decided later that why I should invest on the indestructible kennels or crate than a regular dog crate:

The Notion Indestructible Crates are Chewable

Dog loves to chew and this can lead them to damage the regular crate easily because they have been made with cheap material and have so many weak spots. On another hand, its impossible to chew any part of the indestructible crate because it has been made of the more solid material like steel and strong aluminum.

The Indestructible Crates Have the Locks

Dogs have really dog brain that’s why the police use them for the security purpose. They can easily figure out that how to unlock the crate’s dog. The indestructible or heavy-duty crates have automatic and digital lock system which makes difficult for them to break the lock.

The Dog Use Force to Break the Crate in No Time

YouTube is full of the videos where you can see that how easy for the big size dogs to break the crate which has been made with the nonmetallic and cheap material.

Breaking the crate means that all of your money has been wasted which you had spent on the purchase and also your dog becomes aggressive and starts using the body force on wrong time and other animals. That’s why you need a heavy-duty metal cage for the dog so they do not break it and know that the body force should not be used for anything including other animals etc.

How to Buy Best?

The heavy duty dog crates are expensive, so make sure that you know how to the buy the best because a good quality crate could last forever if it has been purchased right. There is no hard and fast rule which you need to follow when you are looking for the best for your dog except the following things:

Know Size of Your Dog

You can’t purchase a perfect crate for your dog until you don’t know its exact height. Purchasing the one which fit with his hit or even one inch smaller means you have wasted your money. The height of dog will give you an idea about the size of crate.

Make sure that the crate is big enough to allow your dog to stand, sit and take one step easily without touching the walls of the crate. A bit bigger size will give comfort to the dog that he is not been jailed but provided a secure place for rest.

Measure the Weight of Dog

In an indestructible crate, the weight of the dog plays a very important role because this helps you to decide that how heavy crate you need to buy. Purchasing a light one means that your dog will easily move the whole cage from one place to other and even can hurt him by doing this when trying to escape.

It Should Be Easy to Move

Defiantly, not for the dogs but for you too. For this purpose, you need to look for the features like casters, wheels and handles around the dog cage. Usually, the indestructible crates are heavy in the weight which makes it difficult for the human to move it easily without the help of the second person.

If you are purchasing the crate for multipurpose (as dog home and training purpose) then you make sure that the crate can be easily movable from one place to other without the help of another person.

More Features are Always Better

Yes, today, the crates are coming with so many features. Sometime it could make it difficult to decide that which crate you should choose for your dog on the basis of its features. Generally, this includes the features like.

  • Air travel approves
  • Have multiple doors
  • Four wheels with locks
  • Electronic door
  • It must be escape proof crate
  • Adjust easily in car
  • Can be used as dog’s house.

Features to Look for in a Heavy Duty Dog Crate

If you have not purchased a heavy duty crate for your dog, then it could be a bit difficult for you to decide that which crate will be suitable for your dog in term of the features. Today, companies are making the indestructible crates for dogs with different features including basic and advanced features.

Advance features of an indestructible cage do not mean that you must buy it, but you must think about your dog because you won’t like to buy a crate with advanced features which have no use for your dog. So, to help you with this, I am making my list of features which an indestructible or heavy duty crate for the dog must have.

It Should Be Built with Heavy Duty Metal

An indestructible crate should be made with heavy metal otherwise you will lose the main motive of purchasing it. The plastic, cheap quality aluminum, steel or any other material which has been used in the indestructible can be tearing easily due to the sharp teeth of the dog.

The heavy metal crate also makes impossible for a big dog to escape by breaking the sheet. So, your first preference should be the quality of the steel and how much weight of steel has been used in the cage of the dog so that it becomes impossible for the dog to escape or even try to escape.

Think About the Ventilation and Fresh Air

The indestructible or industrial crates which have been made for the pets usually look very conservative and give the feel and look of the “jail or prison”. This happened because of the design and the ventilation situation of the crate.

The crate is not a jail and never been used as a jail for the dog. It should have the solid walls or bars with good distance to provide fresh year and ventilation to the dog and your dog feel safe and stays healthy. Poorly ventilated crates can give your dog anxiety and even dangerous for their overall health.

Go for an Advance Featured Dog Cage

Today, the companies are many dog cages with many advanced features. So, look for those features and think that how you and your dog can gain benefit from it. The featured heavy duty dog crates are expensive so you must think about the benefits before you pay for them.

These features usually included the extra removable tray which makes the cleaning process very easy, the wheels with breaks, automatic doors, folding options and options to re-size the crate etc. Some crates have been approved for the air travel for those fog owners who travel a lot and want to have their dogs along with them.

The Door Must Have Automatic Lock Feature

The main purpose of bringing an indestructible crate for the dog is to make the escaping process impossible for the dogs. This could not be done until your indestructible crate has the automatic lock options. This option means that the dog gets locked automatically when your dog step it or you can control the lock with the help of a portable remote controller etc.

What are the Benefits of Heavy Duty Dog Crate?

In modern society, the crate for the dogs is now start being considered as the cage for the dog. At first, you may think that putting your dog in the crate is a horrible idea and it’s against the animal rights but this is not really true as a crate can be used for multi purposes other than just stopping the dog to hurt unknown people in your house.

When I have purchased my first crate for the dog, my main motive was to use it for the training purpose only as I did not found any other benefit from it but later with the passage of time, I understand that how important to have a crate for the dog because it is not just a device which can help your puppy in the toilet training but also other things too.

Here are the benefits of a heavy duty crate which I enjoy and you should also consider them if you are not sure that whether you have a crate for your dog or not.

A Heavy Duty Crate Last for the Years

The main benefit of having a heavy duty crate means that you have invested your money in the right thing and also for the long term. These crates have been made of the heavy and good quality steel so that it can be work as an indestructible crate for the dog and dog does not escape from them.

A single crate which is heavy duty can be used for more than one generation of the duty. They are lasting and rust resistance. That’s why; you can use it forever if you keep it clean and take care properly while moving from one place to other.

You Can Use it for the Toilet Training

The dog owners usually buy the crates for the toilet training purpose. By putting your dog in the crate you give time to your dog for the toilet and let your dog out at the right time.

Even if your dog uses the crate as the toilet, it is still beneficial for the owner because then they don’t need to clean the whole house and the specific areas like bed and sofa but only the dog crate. The steel made crates are heavy in the size, that’s why they come up with a removable tray so that the owner can clean it easily without moving the crate from one place to other.

Stop Your Dog from Damage Your Possessions

The dog loves chewing but they don’t know that which things should not be chew as they are expensive and even can be dangerous for their health. The crates which have been made of the cheap material like plastic can be easily damaged by the dog simply by chewing its bar. This does not happen with a crate which has been made of the good weighted steel because they are hard to chew, thus your dog won’t damage it.

Also, you can put your dogs in the crate when you see that they are damaging your possessions. This is not considered as a punishment but you will also put the right chewable toys in their crate too so that they know that which thing to chew and which not.

It Provides the Dog a Comfortable Place

If you still believe that crate work as jail or cage for the dog, then this benefit will surely remove your this concept and you understand that why crates are important for the dog. When you put your dog inside the crate, you tell your dog that this is his place where he can do anything including playing with toys, chewing, relax and sleep etc.

In the start, the dog may hesitate to get in the crate but later it will become his favorite place to get in and spend most of the time there. They also start feeling secure in the crate and prefer to stay there when they see new people in the house or the people they don’t like etc.

Top Indestructible Crates of 2018

Here is my list of crates which you must look for to get some ideas and recommendation:

Proselect Empire Dog Cages Proselect Dog Crate

ProSelect Empire Cages - Medium
ProSelect Empire Cages - Medium
Price: $396.32

This unbreakable dog crate is not only strong enough but also big in size which allows you to have more than one puppy at a time or one big or medium size dog in it. It has been made of 0.5-inch diameter steel tube. The strong and lasting steel of this crate means that your dog will not chew it or broke it easily. Even a dog with a heavyweight can’t damage this case because of the thickness of the steel.

Its total height is more than 24 inches which allow your dog to stand easily. The best feature of this metal dog crate is the tray which allows the cleaning very easy and effective.

This indestructible dog crate also has removable casters which allow you to move the cage from one place to other easily without any help of the second person. While there was also need of these casters because the weight of this cage is very heavy this makes it impossible to move it without these removable wheels. Also, the two casters of this crate have locks which mean that the crate will not move around.


  • It is a lasting cage with long lasting age
  • The cage has a separate grated floor with tray
  • This indestructible crate is made of strong steel
  • Price wise, it is an affordable crate available to purchase.


  • The bottom hinge is not very strong.

This ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is an excellent choice for both dog and cat owners to put their pet in it when needed or use it for the training purpose. Its removable tray makes the cleaning process very easy for the owners where its strong 20 gauge steel and 0.5 inches steel tube gives the guarantee that it will last for the years. So, it is a long-term investment without any doubt.

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Collapsible, Durable Aluminum Dog Crate from Grain Valley

Finding a strong dog crate which is also collapsible is not easy because usually they are made with the cheap material like plastic but our second cage in the list of top indestructible crate is not only a collapsible but also an escape-proof cage.

This is made will heavy duty steel so that it can be last forever. By shape and the material used in its manufacturing, this crate may look very heavy, but it does not really heavy in the weight. It can be easily movable without any help of wheel or any other tool. The aluminum which has been used in this crate is not only strong but also dust and rust resistant.

This dog cage has been designed to provide great ventilation to the dog during travel (it is air transport approved and can be taken on the plane without any other additional approval). There are big holes in the walls of this cage to provide fresh air to your pet. While this has been specifically made for the travelers but it can be used as the indoor cage for training and safety purpose.


  • This dog cage is chew proof and safe for the dogs
  • It is a heavy duty doghouse with lightweight
  • This cage is made of strong material
  • It is also an escape-proof cage due to lockable door
  • It can be collapsed within minutes without any help
  • The folding process of this cage is very easy.


  • The design of this metal dog crate is not very attractive.

It is hard to find an Industrial dog cage which is also collapsible. So, you should grab this product for your dog right now to save big money where its air travel approved status gives you the freedom to travel with your dog around the world easily.

The company has made the folding process of this cage very easy which makes the collapse process fast and effective. Also, the design or shape of this crate will allow you to use it as kennel or dog house.

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SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Large Dog Cage

SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Cage, 48-Inch, Hammered Silver
SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Cage, 48-Inch, Hammered Silver

When you look at this indestructible crate, your brain will say that this is a heavy duty crate which you was looking for your dog for ages. The industrial cage look of this dog makes it a multipurpose cage for the dog or even for other animals like a cat.

According to the company’s claim, this cage has been made with the commercial quality steel to make it a long-lasting crate for the dogs. I won’t be wrong if I call it a sturdy or strongest cage option available for the dog in the market with very affordable price.

The other feature of this cage includes rolling casters with a lock which makes it easy for you to move it from one place to another place where it has a removable tray for the easy cleaning purpose. The height and width of this cage are good enough to allow your dog to stand and sit easily. It comes in multi-size options, so you can purchase the one which suits most with your requirements.

There are also multiple doors which allow the access easy for the dog owners. The top door of this cage makes it an escape-proof cage. The bars of this product is also made of the same quality steel to make it a chew proof cage for the pets.


  • It is a lasting and rust resistant heavy duty dog kennel
  • It has moveable casters with lock options for moving purpose
  • It comes in multiple sizes and color options with the same price
  • This crate has multiple sides and top doors which makes access easy
  • It is a metal dog crate which makes it impossible for your dog to move it easily.
  • This crate is also suitable for large dogs.


  • The quality of door’s locks is not as good as the rest of the cage.

Usually, the dog-hole which is labeled as heavy duty crate comes with a cage stile look due to which the dog takes times to be friendly with them but the bars of this study crate has some space.

This gives your dog feeling that he has not been jailed in it. Other than this, this is a chew proof and escape proof dog, so the owners who are looking for a crate with these two qualities should purchase one of their dogs right now and should not be worried about its quality because it is a strong and rust resistant crate.

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Impact Case Stationary Dog Crate, Gray

A sturdy indestructible crate is the one which is difficult to move your dog. The owners need them for many purposes including for the travel. When you search for the strongest cage for the dog, you usually get the old design metal dog crate which gives a very prison-like look, but this dog cage is different.

The company called it Stationary Dog Crate due to its design and its airline approved feature. By look, it does not really look like a strong dog crate but in reality, it is due to the quality of the steel which has been used during its manufacturing process.

This metal crate has been designed for the medium and small size dogs to take them along with you when you are traveling, that’s why the weight of this crate is lighter than other aluminum crates available in the market. The company has made its main dog big enough so that you can easily put and remove your dog from there while they also added an automatically locks options too.


  • This is one of the strongest crates available in this design
  • It is IATA approved crate which can be take in airplane
  • Weight wise, it is an ideal indestructible crate
  • It is escape proof cage due to automatically lock feature
  • This dog cage is suitable for other pets too especially cats.


  • Not suitable for large or big dogs
  • The quality of steel is not really good.

It is true that it is an expensive doghouse for the dogs but in return, you are getting a long-lasting and multi features product. The indestructible crates for dogs do not really come up with the feature like automatically door’s locks options and the IATA complaint’s status.

So, you must consider this crate for your dog if you are a person who is looking for a solution to take your dog along with you while you are traveling. The escape proof feature of this crate will allow you to train your newly adopted dog easily.

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Zinger Dog Crate Winger DX5000 Aluminum

Zinger Winger DX5000 Deluxe 5000 Dog Crate
Zinger Winger DX5000 Deluxe 5000 Dog Crate

This may be one of the expensive dog cages available in the market. The reason behind its high price is the steel. There is 1/3 weight of steel has been used during the manufacturing of this dog cage which makes it a true strong dog crate. It does not just look heavy, but it is actually heavy in the weight which makes it impossible for your dog to move.

The company has used the rugged sliver in this cage so that its shine stays for years and you do not need to move to another crate. It is fully vented due to its design which features big holes on three sides of the wall and a door with big bars on the front. The door of this crate is lockable and impossible for your dog to learn how to unlock it.

This crate does not just look safe by its design but it is actually safe and secure for your dog. The automatic door of this crate makes it one of the best escape proof crates because the standard lock can be opened by the dog, that’s why the company has added totally different lock in this crate. It is a big size crate which means that you can put more than 1 small dog in it or a big dog at a time including dogs like a German shepherd.


  • Excellent design and great vented features
  • Lockable slam latch on the front of the cage which a dog can’t unlock
  • 1/3 weight of steel has been used in this cage which makes it strong
  • It comes with free set of extreme Dog Fence® Brand Dog Grooming Clippers
  • Due to durable steel and rust resistance power, it can be last for years
  • It is one of the roughest dog-holes available in the market for the dogs.


  • The price of this crate is quite high as compare to others.

Finding a heavy duty crate for a dog could be difficult. The companies label every strong looking crate as heavy duty while does not use enough amount of steel in it. But this crate for the dog is different that’s why I have added this in my lost of indestructible crates for the dogs list so you can see the difference.

It comes in a big size which means that you can use it from a small dog to a big dog with switching to other crates. It is truly a long-term investment which eases all crate related issues forever and you will save money. It is true that it is an expensive crate but in return, you are getting the forever lasting crate.

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Diamond Deluxe Dog Crate

When I have first seen this dog care, my first reaction was “WOW, this is truly a strong dog crate which I should have it for my dog. By design, this is totally a unique design crate which we hardly see in the market. The price of this crate isn’t much high but it looks very expensive because of the true and shiny steel color.

It is a diamond shape crate which has been made of aluminum and has handles for the carrying purpose. The front door of this escape-proof crate can be locked so that your dog keep safe inside the box. It can be used for multiple purposes like as a dog house, crate, carrying cage and even for the traveling purpose.

This diamond deluxe aluminum shape like the cage is available in two sizes; medium and big, so you do not need to be worried about whether you have a big dog or the small because it can be fit for both of them.


  • Excellent shape and exclusive color scheme
  • There are handles so it can be easily carry
  • It is made of good quality steel to make the last longer
  • There is a sturdy door which can be locked
  • It is beagle and escapes proof and last longer
  • Cheaper as compare to other stylish crates for dog
  • Available in multiple sizes including big size
  • It can be used as a dog house for indoor purpose.


  • The vitalization in this dog cage is not very good
  • Interior is not made of the very good quality material

The main reason to add this crate to this list is not only its features and strong quality steel which makes it an ideal indestructible crate but also its shape and design. It is hard to find stylish and good looking crate for the pet. Most of the other crate looks like cage but this looks more than just that.

Due to its design, it is also ideal to use as a dog house. For new puppies, this crate can be used to instant training while if your dog is not friendly with new people, then you can also use it to keep people and your dog safe from each other. Also, the handling feature makes this crate super travel-friendly.

Check Price & Availability The Diamond Deluxe Dog Crate

Merax Heavy Duty Pet Dog Cage House Crate

Merax 36" Heavy Duty Pet Dog Cage House Crate, Hammered Silver (36”W X 24”L X 29’’H)
Merax 36" Heavy Duty Pet Dog Cage House Crate, Hammered Silver (36”W X 24”L X 29’’H)

What does the first thing come to your mind when you thought about an indestructible crate? I am sure that a big size crate which matches which the picture of this crate which is the last crate of our list. The reason to put this crate at the end of the list is that you can see it easily and do not miss it by any chance.

By height this crate is 29 inches which make is a great height cage for the dog while it has 36 inches length and 29 inches width which makes it very comfortable for your dog because it can easily stand, sit and even take a step without feeling caged. It is made of very heavy duty steel including its frame which is rugged and strong enough to last almost forever if you take care of it properly by cleaning.

To make the cleaning process easy, there has been an extra layer of steel has been added by the company so you can clean it and your dog can not get duty. This tray can be easily slid out for the cleaning purpose.

This crate has been equipped with four moving wheels (Casters), two of them can be locked to avoid any kind of accident or makes the movement difficult when you want to keep your crate at one place. The casters of this product are very flexible and you need to use them due to the heavy weight of the crate.


  • Very comfortable due to its length, height, and width
  • Made of strong, lasting and heavy-duty steel
  • The bar of this crate is chewable but not breakable
  • There is a removable tray which makes cleaning easy
  • There are two doors including the top door for easy access
  • The crate comes up with lockable casters for moving purpose
  • This can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes
  • Moving this crate from one place to other is very easy.


  • The removable tray is not made with the same quality of steel.

We liked it when a product fit with your expectation and without the second through this is what which you should have for your big size dog for safety and training purposes. Its heavy duty metal frame gives you guarantee that this crate will last for years and you can use it for the new generation of your dog.

The beautiful hammered silver color enhances its overall look where the extended size makes it very comfortable for your dog. I like the idea of the top door which could be needed in case of puppies or small size dogs.

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Think about the purpose of before purchasing the indestructible or heavy duty crate for your dog. It must be to stop your dog escaping from the crate and even from the house anytime. This could not be done with the regular lightweight crates which have been made with very cheap and low-quality material. Only an indestructible kennels can do this because of its heavy weight and strong metal material which has been used in them.

Above, we have shared the list of top indestructible crates which are available in the market at very affordable prices and extraordinary features. These featured crates you should consider while purchasing one for your dog.

The high quality of steel which has been used in them will allow you to use the same crate for different generations of the dogs because they cannot break while the steel which has been used in them are lasting and rust resistance.

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