A powerful instinct stretching back tens of thousands of year, dogs absolutely love chewing, chasing and tearing, making your indestructible dog ball absolutely ideal for any type of play! Thankfully, we’ve decided to list the best and most durable dog balls here, able to stand the test of time. You’ll only need to invest in your pooch once with these, earning years of fun in return!

Where no dog toy is completely damage proof, a select few are made with stronger material than others. No one wants to waste money and resources on a dog toy that won’t last very long.

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1. Virtually Indestructible Best Ball
2. KONG Jumbler Ball Toy
3. Snug Rubber Dog Balls
4. Jolly Pets 8″ Soccer Ball
5. Rogz Fun Dog Treat Ball
6. Varsity Pets Tennis Ball
7. 6″ Unbreakoball Dog Toy

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How to Choose the Best

Above all, you want to make sure you’ve chosen the perfect toy for your dog! That being said, there are a few factors you want to consider before making your decision. After all, you want to give only the best to your pup!

What Color?

We’ve all heard the age old theory claiming dogs see in black and white, not color. In fact, dogs can see in both blue and yellow tones! They simply lack the color sensitive cone cells that detect the red spectrum.

What does this have to do with your indestructible dog ball? Well, do you want your dog toys to stand out, vibrant in your dogs eyes, or simply be a dull shade of grey? On top of that, color also looks great to us!


Do you want your dog’s ball to be big, or small? What size is your dog? Not only do you want to be sure to pick a size appropriate for your pet, there is possibly even a more important reason. To the dire misfortune of many dog owners, dog balls that are too small can pose a dangerous choking hazard. Weight also has an impact; you want your pup to be able to easily lift the ball you’re throwing.

Durability & Material

It goes without saying that your dog toy is going to have to deal with some strong punishment over time. Your dog is going to instinctively want to bite, chew and tear at it, not including all of the tossing and ground pounding it will have to endure.

What material is your dog’s toy made of, and will it be able to stay strong through all of these hardships? Because of this, dogs tend to simply tear up tennis balls.

Best Unbreakable Dog Balls

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Virtually Indestructible (Hard) Best Ball for Dogs

Virtually Indestructible (Hard) Best Ball for Dogs, 14-inch
Price: $31.99
You save: $5.59 (15 %)
11 new from $29.894 used from $19.67

Available in seven separate sizes to suit any breed of dog, this durable dog ball is made of hard, nontoxic, thick polyethylene plastic that will stand up to the toughest mouths. A lifetime guarantee provides the confidence your pup’s chewing habits will never grow out of style! Unlike many tough dog toys, this ball is virtually unchewable, won’t bounce and is on the heavier side due to the material it’s made of. Because it’s a bit heavier, this virtually indestructible ball is advertised for larger, stronger dogs.

Material: Polyethylene plastic

● Lifetime guarantee

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KONG Jumbler Ball Toy

This is one unique dog toy, not only made of a ‘two ball in one style’, but coming in medium, large, and extra-large, complete with two handles for easy carrying! There is an interior tennis ball that will drive your pooch wild with excitement, while an additional squeak will peek the curiosity in any Canine.

Thanks to the convenient handles on either side of the ball, shaking is easy. To top it all off, this jumbler stands up to the roughest and toughest play, advertised as ideal for games of fetch!

● Complete with handles!
● 2 balls in one!

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Snug Rubber Dog Balls

These multicolored balls are tennis ball sized, packing a hard punch of fun! Available in three-packs, they are made of a strong rubber material perfect for throwing, fetch, and can be used with most ball launchers to get that extra distance.

Their 100% all natural rubber is FDA compliant, composed of food grade heavy duty rubber. They are guaranteed BPA free and 100% safe for all pets. In addition to all this, the Snug Rubber Dog Balls are easy to clean, will float great in pools, and measures the same as a standard sized tennis ball.

● FDA compliant material!
● 100% all natural rubber!
● Floats!

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Jolly Pets 8″ Soccer Ball

Available in three colors with gift wrapping available, the Jolly Pets Soccer Ball comes in either large or extra-large sizes. Guaranteed not to deflate, it floats for some wet and splashable fun to boot! Unlike some other dog balls here, this one will bounce, is wonderful for games, and comes in about the size of a soccer ball so throwing or kicking is an ideal activity!

● Won’t deflate!
● Close to the size of a soccer ball.
● Floats!

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Rogz Fun Dog Treat Ball

The Rogs Fun Dog Treat Ball comes available in various sizes and colors, able to be filled with your dog’s favorite treats for the best of both mental and physical stimulation!

How will your dog overcome this tasty challenge he’s confronted with? This scrumptious ball bounces too, doubling as a spectacular throw and fetch toy! Ideal for small to medium dogs, your boy or girl will never grow tired of this one.

● Can fill with treats!
● Doubles as bouncy-ball!

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Varsity Pets Tennis Ball Design Dog Toy, Yellow

Offering a solid 100% indestructible guarantee to easily set any mind at easy, this bright yellow dog ball will never disappoint! Not only is it made right here in the USA, the manufacturers of this unbreakoball claim to provide the world’s toughest dog ball. Used by the country’s strongest athletic and working dogs, this yellow dog ball is not only durable, but a bright yellow dogs can easily see.

● Bright yellow; visible to dog’s color spectrum.
● 100% indestructible guarantee!

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6″ Unbreakoball Dog Toy

Last but not least on our list, the six inch orange unbreakoball comes complete with aerodynamic holes throughout for easy throwing, and is absolutely fantastic for any game of fetch! Even the smallest child will be able to easily lift and effortlessly toss this durable ball to surprising lengths for the pup to chase.

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Questions & Answers

1. Why do dogs like to chew on balls?

Chewing is a strong, deeply instinctual behavior, stemming from early wolves living tens of thousands of years ago. These early dogs would chew on bones to derive nutrients, and the actual mechanical act of chewing helps break up tartar and keep a dog’s teeth clean.

2. Does it matter what size my tough dog ball is?

You want to be very cautious and pick a dog ball appropriate to the size of your dog, or at least not too small. Small objects, like tiny round balls, can present a choking hazard. In fact, this has happened in the past; unfortunate dogs have suffered the consequences for playing with round objects small enough for them to swallow.

3. How do I teach my dog to play fetch?

Fetch is an absolutely fantastic game to play with your new dog ball, but convincing your pup to actually bring the ball back after it’s thrown can be hard. Many owners find their dogs simply wanting to play ‘keep away’!

It’s best to use some sort of incentive, like a small training reward. Reward your dog every time he ‘fetches’ and returns with the ball, dropping it nicely at your side and patiently waiting for the throw. Eventually, he’ll learn that the ‘game’ can’t continue, and he won’t be rewarded, if he continues to hold his prize. It’s beneficial to him to relinquish the toy!

4. Why do dogs like to chase their ball toys?

The simple act of chasing a moving toy, especially one that bounces or makes noise, is a very natural and instinctive activity. Depending on their breeding, most dogs are hardwired with a strong prey drive. The dog ball simulates moving prey, even though they don’t consciously realize it. On top of this, such games are fantastic ways for your dog to meet his or her exercise requirements, and bond with you at the same time!

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Conclusion: Great Dog Toys

Dog balls are some of the best toys ever conceived, able to easily entertain for hours! As long as you can spend the time to play, your dogs simple chasing instinct will keep him busy with his new toy through thick and thin.